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House Dae’Vesh

     House Dae’Vesh is an old Drow House that has no actual claim to any Drow City, being considered a renegade Drow House by those who dwell in the Underdark, specifically the Northdark regions and in and around Menzoberranzan City. The House is based within the New Neverwinter City and is made up of good natured surface-dwelling drow who are all related to the current and founding Matron Mother.

     House Dae’Vesh was founded by Myradaxx, one of three magically created clones of the fabled, "Menzoberra the Kinless." Only one of the thee Menzoberra Sisters still walks the lands of Faerûn, her name is Myradaxx Faerl Menzoberra Dae’Vesh. She has taken on a new Consort, Patron Zeryn who is the father of two of her daughters, Alhrasha and Eshlara and through them has a handful of grand-children that make up the bulk of the surviving House living in Neverwinter City. The Matron of the House has admitted to having given birth to over forty children during her long life, prior to her Marriage to Lord Zeryn, the fate of them all is uncertain however.

Daxx Dae'Vesh@zebular

Full Name: Myradaxx Faerl Menzoberra Dae’Vesh Race: Drow Elf
House Title: Matron Mother, Mistress Gender: Female
Alias(es): "Daxx the Silvered" and "Daxx" Hair Style: Long Flowing
Homeland: "Born" in the Great Bhaerynden. Hair Color: Silvery-White
Parent(s): Magical 'Cloned' Offspring of Menzoberra the Kinless. Eyes: Solid, Misty-Blue
Sibling(s): Dellonadaxx and Jyradaxx. Skin Tone: Obsidian Black, shines a darkened silver in moonlight.
Offspring: Alhrasha, Eshlara, and Zeryn. Height: 6' 2"
Patron Deity: Mystra, Eilistrasee (Through Selûne) Weight: 158 lbs.
Class: Divine Oracle / Dweomerkeeper (Devoted Cleric, formerly Rogue) Body Type: Tall, Athletic
Level:   Date of Birth: -3905 DR / 5,384 years as of 1479 DR
Daxx Dae'Vesh

Character Biography

     Myradaxx is a tall and slender drow cleric of obsidian black skin, radiant silver-white hair that flows in 5-foot long tresses and solid misty-blue eyes that glow dimly in darkness. Her skin reflects and shimmers a darkened silver in moonlight. She often wears her hair down, flowing about her body almost as if with a life of its own, seemingly moving in a breeze even when there is none. While adventuring, Myra is often seen wearing elven chain mail and over-clothes of blue and green hues and wears a dual holy-symbol around her neck, depicting her fealty to two dead goddesses, Eilistrasee and Mystra. Other times, she can be seen wearing attire that is more typical of the scantily clad-priestesses of Eilistrasee (Depiction). Unlike her Underdark counterparts, Myra is good-natured and purveys as sense of mirthful seduction and often tells playful jokes.

     Myradaxx, along with her sisters, is not a direct-born descendant of the fabled Menzoberra the Kinless and does not bear any signs of her great age. The Menzoberra sisters were created by a vile drow necromancer who wished to bring back the Menzoberra House line as a weapon to use against House Baenre. When Menzoberra the Kinless was slain by House Baenre, to seize power and control over the newly founded Menzoberranzan, several parts of the drow noble's remains were preserved and kept in secret. They were then later used, in -3905 DR, to create three magical clones of Menzoberra. Unknown to the wizard, the goddess Eilistrasee saw this and stepped in, with the aid of her long-time ally Mystryl, the Goddess of Magic.

     The two goddesses twisted the necromantic magics used and the result was triplet sisters bearing a likeness of their "mother," Menzoberra the Kinless, but were not exact clones and were, in essence more of offspring by the deceased drow priestess. Soon after their creation, the three Menzoberra sisters were stolen and placed into a magical stasis by an Aasimar servant of Mystryl. For over three-thousand years, the three sisters remained hidden deep underground in a warded cavern until the time known as "Karsus' Folly," in -339 DR. Upon the casting of the Karsus Avatar spell and subsequent death and rebirth of Mystryl into Mystra, the magical stasis and wards protecting the Menzoberra Sisters was broken and they were returned to consciousness. Directed by an avatar of the goddess Eilistrasee, they were lead to the surface where they each went their separate ways.

Daxx Dae'Vesh

     While Dellonadaxx, the first of the three sisters to be created, disappeared from the Realms, Jyradaxx traveled to Evermeet where she assumed the guise of a Moon Elf and lived there for the rest of her life, until her death when the Isle of Evermeet was destroyed during the Spellplague. As her sisters left and disappeared from history, Myradaxx traveled the surface of Faerûn and surrounding lands, learning the ways of the elven and human cultures surviving with her rogue talents, never staying for more than a few decades in one place. It would not be until the Time of the Troubles that she would devote the rest of her life as a Priestess of Eilistrasee and Mystra.

     Soon after the elevation of Midnight into Mystra, Eilistrasee secretly lead Myra to the hidden entrance to a place known as The Promenade -- a secret underground complex lead by the High Priestess Qilué Veladorn. There she studied under the guidance of Qilué, renounced her rouge training, and followed in her mentor's footsteps, taking clerical vows to both the new Mystra and Eilistrasee a-like. When Qilué Veladorn and her goddess Eilistrasee was slain by Halisstra Melarn in 1379 DR, Myradaxx reappeared on the Surface and began traveling the Realms again and survived the coming Spellplague in 1385 DR within the City of Waterdeep.

     Myradaxx then secretly followed Lord Neverember's army to the ruins of Neverwinter and helped liberate the lands in her own secret ways and aided in the rebuilding. Ever since, she has called the city her home and to this day she strives fighting for equality and safety of the Sword Coast, still following the ways of her fallen Goddesses. Over the course of the following decades, most of her surviving offspring of House Dae’Vesh have taken up residence within Neverwinter, making it the official home for the Selûnite Drow House.

Zeryn Dae'Vesh@zebular

Full Name: Zeryn Baenre Dae’Vesh Race: Drow Elf
House Title: Patron, House Wizard Gender: Male
Alias(es): Lord Zeryn Hair Style: Long, Pulled Back, Pony-Tail
Homeland: Northdark Hair Color: White
Parent(s): Unknown Eyes: Light Purple
Sibling(s): Unknown Skin Tone: Obsidian Black
Offspring: Alhrasha and Eshlara Height: 5'9"
Patron Deity: None (Lip Service to Selûne) Weight: 126 lbs.
Class: War Wizard Body Type: Slim, Athletic
Level:   Date of Birth:  
Zeryn Dae'Vesh

Character Biography

     Several hundred years ago, Zeryn was Once an apprentice to his cousin, who was a less-known Drow Wizard of House Baenre. During an assignment to hunt down and destroy any drow rumored to be a part of "some new drow house" in the Sword Coast, Zeryn encountered Myradaxx and tried to kill her. Recognizing that Lord Zeryn was under the influence of Illithid Mind-Control, Myradaxx cleansed his mind and over the course of the next few hundred years, they fell passionately in love, married and laid the foundation for the rebuilding of House Dae’Vesh within Neverwinter City.

     Lord Zeryn is the tenth Patron to have been Married to Matron Mother Myradaxx Dae’Vesh. He is the father of her two oldest living daughters, Alhrasha and Eshlara.

Alhrasha Dae'Vesh@zebular

Full Name: Alhrasha Teshali Dae’Vesh Race: Drow Elf
House Title: High Priestess Gender: Female
Alias(es): "The Moon Matron" Hair Style: Long to Mid-back, Flowing
Homeland: Northdark Hair Color: White
Parent(s): Myradaxx and Zeryn Eyes: Iridescent Blue
Sibling(s): Eshlara Skin Tone: Obsidian Black
Offspring: Nyria and Zyloran Height: 6'1"
Patron Deity: Selûne Weight: 159 lbs.
Class: Battle Cleric Body Type: Tall, Strong, Athletic
Level:   Date of Birth:  
Alhrasha Dae'Vesh

Character Biography

     Alhrasha, youngest of the two living daughters of Myradaxx Dae’Vesh, lives her life in service to her new goddess and House Patron Deity, Selûne. She once swore fealty to Eilistrasee but upon her death, Alhrasha spent many years searching for a new path. When her mother found her in the City of Waterdeep, her mother's kind words of Selûne impressed upon her. Now, she is the High Priestess and serves as a Proxy for her mother from time-to time when neither the Matron or her Niece, the Elder-Matron, are present.

     The High Priestess doesn't seem bothered at having been passed over as Elder Matron of the House, when her older sister renounced her claim to being the next Matron Mother. In fact, she has taken an almost motherly-role, preparing Veshlare for what is in store the day she becomes Matron Mother of the House.

Eshlara Dae'Vesh@zebular

Full Name: Eshlara Dellona Dae’Vesh Race: Drow Elf
House Title: Elder Matron (Renounced) Gender: Female
Alias(es): "Matron of the Leaf" or "Matron of Leaves" Hair Style: Shoulder-length
Homeland: Northdark Hair Color: White
Parent(s): Myradaxx and Zeryn Eyes: Dark Green with Blue Specks
Sibling(s): Alhrasha Skin Tone: Obsidian Black with Purple Undertones
Offspring: Veshlare, Eshriaxa and Leruicar Height: 6'0"
Patron Deity: Silvanus Weight: 138 lbs.
Class: Hunter Ranger Body Type: Tall, Elven Lithe.
Level:   Date of Birth:  
Sworn Enemies : Goblinoids & Undead Were Eshlara's known enemies. She was also well known for taking quick revenge against all worshipers of Lolth for the death of her former goddess, Eilistrasee.
Eshlara Dae'Vesh

Character Biography

     Once a priestess of Eilistrasee, Eshlara had given up the clergy life with the death of her former goddess. Since, she has been living as a ranger in service of the god Silvanus while still paying homage and performing rituals in the name of Eilistrasee.

     Being the oldest living daughter of Myradaxx, the Matron Mother of House Dae’Vesh, this made Eshlara the Elder Matron of the House, which is the heir to the Matron Mother throne and position of the House. This never sat well with Eshlara, always being aloof and wanting to travel and see the world. The last thing she wanted was to be housed up in some stinky and ruined city. When she married and bore three children to please her mother, she used this as a means to escape the trappings of Drow Nobility.

     When her oldest daughter Veshlare came of age, Eshlara renounced her position as Elder-Matron Mother, in effect passing the line of succession on to her daughter, Veshlare. It is unknown if Eshlara's younger sister aspired to the position, but she has made no attempt at claim and in Eshlara's absence, has taken on teaching Veshlare of the responsibility her new title holds. Soon after the formal ceremonies of succession, Eshlara left Neverwinter City and had not been heard from until recently.

     Having recently returned to Neverwinter, she brought news from the Eastern Countries of Aglarond and Thay. This has driven the House to pledge itself in aid to Neverwinter and the Thayan Resurrection. It is unknown to all but the Matron and her Daughter what news she held, but whatever it was it has seemed to drive House Dae'Vesh to spread its influence and aid through out the Sword Coast against Valindra, Thay, and surrounding threats.

     Eshlara still revokes her right as Elder-Matron of her house, allowing her eldest daughter Veshalre to fulfill her role under the tutelage of Eshlara's younger sister Alhrasha, the House Priestess. Eshlara keeps her distance from her arranged husband Traevelek, both of which seem content in their "arrangement" and freedoms in the House affairs. With the freedom of her duties within the House, Eshlara can usually be found away off adventuring and exploring Neverwinter and the Sword Coast while occasionally fulfilling contracts of aid through out the Region.

Veshalre Dae'Vesh@zebular

Full Name: Veshlare Jyra Dae’Vesh Race: Drow Elf
House Title: Elder Matron Gender: Female
Alias(es): "Matron Vesh"
Hair Style: Long, Mid-Back, Straight
Homeland: Northdark Hair Color: White
Parent(s): Eshlara and Traevelek Eyes: Red
Sibling(s): Eshriaxa and Leruicar Skin Tone: Obsidian Black
Offspring: None Height: 5'11"
Patron Deity: Selûne Weight: 110 lbs.
Class: Control Wizard Body Type: Slim, Elven Lithe
Level:   Date of Birth:  
Veshlare Dae'Vesh

Character Biography

     Veshlare is the oldest living Great-Granddaughter of Myradaxx Dae'Vesh, the House's current and founding Matron. Being the first-born and only surviving daughter of Eshlara Dae’Vesh, Veshlare has taken her mother's place as Elder Matron, the next Matron Mother of House Dae’Vesh. unless of course, she is challenged by her Aunt, the Matron Priestess, Alhrasha. Veshlare looks to her future position as Matron Mother eagerly but with great patience, a patience taught to her through many years of arcane study and training.

     When Veshlare came of age, her mother Eshlara left Neverwinter passing the Title of Elder-Matron on to her. The high Priestess of the House, Veshlare's Aunt Alhrasha, began training her for the role of one day becoming the House's Matron Mother. She seems unreluctant to marry a suitor of her Grandmother's choosing as rumors spread that she has already secretly been seeing some of her would-be Suitors in private. When it comes to Veshlare's personal life, she can often seem quite secretive and short-tempered. while in her House's Aid of the Sword Coast, she been known to go to great and dangerous lengths to eliminate those who knew something that could cause a threat to the Neverwinter or her House.

Traevelek Dae'Vesh@zebular

Full Name: Traevelek Daskul Dae’Vesh Race: Drow Elf
House Title: Consort of Eshlara, Lord Traevelek, House Weaponsmaster Gender: Male
Alias(es): "Zae the Silent" Hair Style: Short, Faux-TOp
Homeland: Northdark Hair Color: White
Parent(s): Unknown Eyes: Dark Purple
Sibling(s): Unknown Skin Tone: Dark Ash Black
Offspring: Veshlare, Eshriaxa, Leruicar Height: 5'6"
Patron Deity: Tymora (Lip Service to Selûne) Weight: 128 lbs.
Class: Great Weapon Fighter Body Type: Skinny, Elven Lithe
Level:   Date of Birth:  
Traevelek Dae'Vesh

Character Biography

     Traevelek hasn't ever taken fondly of House life, except for the monetary perks it brings. He's been the suspect of several cases involving burglary and trespassing but has never been found guilty any charges. When his wife, the former Elder-Matron, Eshlara Dae'Vesh renounced her position in the house, Traevelek was pleased as this has allowed him to distance himself even further from the day-to-day activities of the house and focus on his love of weaponsmithing.

     Lord Traevelek continues to maintain a small role in the lives of his daughters Veshlare and Eshriaxa, and only son, Leruicar. Having never divorced his estranged Wife and through strong bonds made in his long standing with House Dae’Vesh, the Matron Mother has allowed him to continue serving as the proxy and Consort for his traveling wife, and remaining a part of the House as the House Weaponsmaster.

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