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'Old Zeb'

'Old Zeb'

     Zebular appears to be an elderly moon elf of wise wits and princely charm. He often speaks with a low story-telling voice about things of the ancient past, as though they had just recently happened, often loosing himself in conversation with others. He stands a proper postured six-feet tall of elven lithe and grace. His hair is worn at shoulder-length and straight gray-white strands. His gaze is one of piercing pale-blue eyes that seem to convey a sense of both deep understanding and mysterious allure. Often seen dressed in fine silken robes of contrasting blacks and whites, he wears around his neck an ancient holy symbol of Mystra that has been unused for thousands of years, since the days of Mystryl, that of a four-pointed blue-white star over-stretching a similarly hued hollow disc.

Character Background Character Appearance
Full Name: Zebular Ilyturials   Race:
Moon Elf
In-Game Name: 'Old Zeb'@zebular   Gender: Male
Title: Self-titled as "Archmage Zebular the Terraseer of Mystryl"   Hair Style: Messy, shoulder-straight
Alias(es): "Old Zeb" by Children and Residents of Neverwinter.   Hair Color: Gray-white
Homeland: Cormanthyr (Ancient Myth Drannor) & Delia Enclave of Netheril   Eyes: Iridescent blue
Current Residence: The Dweomerkeep Library, Neverwinter Wood.   Skin Tone: Pale, blue-white
Relatives: Estranged brother Arthindol the Terraseer. Son of Lord Corthyais Ilyturials and Lady Ambrsyala Ilyturials of Myth Drannor (both deceased). Father of Cahtryn Ilyturials and Zebular Ilyturials the Second (Also known as 'Zeb the Younger').   Height: 6' 0"
Patron Deity: Mystra / Mystryl   Weight: 125 lbs.
Class: Spellstorm Mage (Control Wizard)   Body: Tall, Slim, Elderly
Date of Birth: Recorded as being reborn in -1733 DR by surviving records in Myth Drannor.      

Character Biography

     Zebular has often spoken of his past through out Neverwinter and from which, it has been learned that he is the younger and only known sibling of the Lich known as "Arthindol the Terraseer" that resides in the ruins of Oreme. His only known mention in history is found in the restored city of Myth Drannor, where we was recorded as being the only born son of a noble moon elven couple in -1733 DR. Exactly when he left Myth Drannor, and the exact date of his birth is unknown, but he has often spoken of his later days as an adult student of magic. What is known of this old moon elf derives from his wild tales that he often speaks of in the Moonstone Mask, and to those who listen to his ramblings. From this, it's been gathered that Zebular was not born elven, or even human, but something else entirely from the Era when both Primordials and Gods walked the World. His exact date in that ancient time of history is unrecorded by mortals and what has been recorded in history begins in the Era known as the Arcane Age.

      Sometime during the height of Netheril, in what is now known as the Arcane Age, Zebular reunited with his older brother and traveled to ancient Netheril where he took up residence in one of the great floating enclaves of the time, called Delia Enclave. There he studied magic and took a radically different path and perspective of magic than his older brother and the rest of Netheril. Shortly after his arrival in Delia Enclave, Zebular became enthralled by the Mysteries of the then Goddess of Magic and Time, Mystryl, and soon after swore fealty to her. This lead him on a path which took him to undertaking studies of not only Magic but also of Time and Divination. Partaking in his brother's vision of the downfall of Netheril, Zebular prepared himself but it was not enough. As magic failed and ran wild after the casting of Karsus' Avatar, which destroyed his Goddess, Zebular was thrown into the Abyss, where he soon became imprisoned by a daemon - later learning the creature had fallen under control of his brother, Arthindol who believed his younger brother was working Chronomancy in an attempt to alter the fate of Mystryl. Zebular remained imprisoned in this unknown plane of the Abyss, where time moved much slower than that of the Prime, for many thousands of years. When Mystra perished for the third time, being assassinated by Cyric and Shar, the following Spellplague caused his bonds to be free.

     When he returned to Toril, he began to rapidly age and grew weaker until he stumbled into a Spellscar, which consumed his already fading life force. Zebular's dead body was found shortly after by a moon elven nobleman of Myth Drannor, one Lord Corthyais Ilyturials. As Lord Corthyais examined the dead body of the elderly human, something caught his eye in the night sky. As he focused upon the light, it grew brighter until he could make out that it's light split into eight points, resembling the holy symbol of his wife's patron deity, Corellon Larethian. Taking this as a sign from the God of All Elves, he pondered it's meaning upon him... and this dead elderly man before him. Thoughts filled the Elven Lord's mind, thoughts of his Wife, Lady Ambrsyala, who had long been past her prime and unable to bear children to carry on the family line. Seeing this as a sign from Corellon Larethian, Corthyais knew what he had to do. He called upon Corellon for Strength and hurled the old human's body over his shoulder, taking him back to Myth Drannor, where he would pay the Church the rest of his personal wealth to reincarnate this human into his first born son.

     Lord Corthyais went back to his wife and told her the story of the events he had witnessed and his actions. Being a devout priestess of Corellon Larethian, she believed her husband but this was not enough to satisfy her. She spend three weeks in isolation and constant prayer to Corellon and on the 28th night, she was answered by a vision of her divine God.

     "Raise the child as your own, for I have bled for his immortal soul, blood that now runs through his veins. The same blood that runs through all my children. Name him Zebular and he will come to love you as the Mother that you now are, but know this," The vision of Corellon warned and continued, "His trials are great and he already has a mother of neither your world nor that of Arvandor. When the Hidden One returns to the World, she will reclaim her child of magic." Lady Ambrsyala wept in both love and loss, yet she was comforted as the vision faded when Corellon spoke once more to her, "Weep not my child, for you will be with me in Arvandor and not come to feel this loss, and you will always watch over him beside me, always." The vision then faded completely and she wiped her tears, feeling no more sorrow, no more despair, only that of a gentle kick to her stomach. As she instinctively put her hands to her stomach and looked down, she began to weep once more. A weep not in sadness, but in joy and comfort as she found herself to be pregnant... and not only that, she was at the end of her pregnancy, in labor! Soon after, she gave birth to a white-haired moon elven boy with iridescent blue eyes and named him Zebular as her God instructed in her vision. For the next fifty years, they taught all they could to their only son, who seemed to age three times as fast as a normal elf.

     Upon coming of age, Zebular began to have visions during his revere, that of his former life. When he finally went to his parents to ask them of this, his parents knew it was time to not only reveal their son's past to him, but also for them to answer the Call of Arvandor. They told Zebular the true nature of his birth and what they had known from the visions and signs gifted to them by Corellon Larethian. Soon after, both of his parents passed on from the mortal world. By this time, Zebular was married to the Lady Cahtryn Neirdre of House Neirdre and expecting a child of their own. A few days later, his wife gave birth to their first and only child, but to his sorrow, she died during child birth.

     When he would not obey the Coronal of Myth Drannor and remarry to carry on the Noble line, the Coronal ordered Zebular to turn over the child to be raised by his wife's family, House Neirdre. Obeying his Coronal, Zebular named his child "Cahtryn Ilyturials," after his beloved wife and then left Myth Drannor that same night. This lead him to take up residence in the area of the fabled Jewel of the North, aiding in its restoration, where he has adopted his brother's former title as "the Terraseer," dedicating it to the memory and old ways of Mystryl, despite not being able to make contact with his fallen Goddess.

     Zebular now remains in the Neverwinter area, continuing to age at an increased rate, studying the new laws and ways of Magic while recounting the History he once lived, hoping to one day be able to confront his undead brother for his imprisonment and to set his brother free from undeath. As well, he has once again begun recording the passage of time in a magical tome titled, "The Grimoire of Time" -- an ancient tome he created prior to his imprisonment, which he had hidden in a secret place in the now Neverwinter Wood. Zebular is known to travel to the Neverwinter Wood on occasion, despite its known dangers, but where he goes therein... no one knows or have dared to follow. He has however once mentioned residing within a tower made of black obsidian and white marble, which he calls "The Dweomerkeep Library," but has never disclosed its true location.

     Over the recent years, it has been learned that a human child of Zebular's still exists, known through out Faerűn as, "Zeb the Younger." This human ranger is middle-aged and claims to have been petrified for over a thousand years while defending the ancient Elven Court from a Medusa menace long ago. When Zebular's human son was freed from his petrified state, he learned of an old man going by the name of "Old Zeb" and traveled to Neverwinter to find him and discover who this person was. When the two met, they shared their memories and have since reformed a strong bond, despite their now separation of species.

     Ancient scholars have tried to discredit Zebular's claims as being a younger brother of Arthindol, stating that he'd need to be well over thirty-thousand years old to be related to him and even older still if his claims of origins during the time of the Primordials. When confronted by a noble mage once with this, he only replied by smiling and saying,"that would be a story in another Time..." This has lead many of Neverwinter's residents to consider Zebular to be nothing more than a crazy old mage with wild stories that are things to tell their children as faerie tales -- of which, he seems carefree in such speculation. On occasion, he can be found in the Moonstone Mask, telling wild tales of magic and adventure in ancient Netheril.

Companions and Allies:

     Zebular is known to be accompanied by a wide variety of companions and allies at different times, whom of which he speaks highly of, always referring to as "his friends" and is adamant in his purveyance that all accompany him of their own free will. Those known are as follows.

Companion by Type Companion by Name
  1. Acolyte of Kelemvor - Vydiirana of Kelemvor
  2. Air Archon - Heirogalar of Akadi
  3. Alchemist Experimenter - Cantrebar the Alchemist
  4. Angel of Protection - Servant of Mystery
  5. Apprentice Healer - Cleric of Ilmater
  6. Archmage's Apprentice - Byrnarl of Elturgard
  7. Armored Orc Wolf - Lur Drannor
  8. Battlefield Medic - Erogard of Mystra
  9. Bear Cub - Snuggles
  10. Black Ice Prospector - Durgaren Frostforge
  11. Blink Dog - Dar
  12. Cantankerous Mage - Fielamyran the Irascible
  13. Cleric Disciple - Dweomerkeeper Nyrelia
  14. Cockatrice - Abjuration
  15. Con Artist - Beloric of Daggerdale
  16. Cultist of Air - Skymage Herathikkatar
  17. Dancing Blade - Arakhor'kerym'kiira
  18. Damaran Shepherd - Smedeley
  19. Death Slaad - Larzoul the Foul
  20. Dedicated Squire - Caraxar the Righteous
  21. Dog - Windsor
  22. Dwarven Battlerager - Druthim Evenbeard
  23. Earth Archon - Drakent of Grumbar
  24. Erinyes of Belial - Mistress Evokana
  25. Faithful Initiate - Majarly of Mystra
  26. Fawn of Shiallia - Amandil Yenearsira
  27. Fey Panther - Darkeyes
  28. Flame Sprite - Novaflare
  29. Frost Mimic - Cantra
  30. Grazilaxx - Ilshratylaern the Mazen
  31. Green Slime - Gooy Goblin
  32. Harper Bard - Beuroan of Shadowdale
  33. Helmite Paladin Ghost - Dweomerknight Ahryndar
  34. Hunting Hawk - Perpetual
  35. Ice Sprite - Novafrost
  36. Ioun Stone of Allure - Dweomershard
  37. Ioun Stone of Radiance - Dweomershard
  38. Lillend - Delishana of Milil
  39. Lizardfolk Shaman - Rasstaliik
  40. Man at Arms - Dweomerguard Ahryndar
  41. Mercenary - Leruicar Dae'Vesh
  42. Mini Apparatus of Gond - Keymaker of Gond
  43. Minstrel - Doyle Greenharp
  44. Moonshae Druid - Akasharan
  45. Mystagogue - Verathiakar of Azuth
  46. Neverember Guard - Ser Aleandor
  47. Neverember Guard Archer - Nymathia Neirdre
  48. Owl - Illusion
  49. Panther - Mysté
  50. Pheora - Ambrosia
  51. Pig - Arda'rosa
  52. Priestess of Sune - Alyisha of Sune
  53. Pseudodragon - Mistenhaipeerdinacles
  54. Quasit - Draekk
  55. Rebel Mercenary - Rubelina Firehair
  56. Redcap Powrie - Feleura the Feywarden
  57. Renegade Evoker - Old Zeb's Apprentice
  58. Renegade Illusionist - Tarmil of Nethentir
  59. Rimfire Golem - Icevolt
  60. Rust Monster - Wandering
  61. Sellsword - Iryavash of Myth Drannor
  62. Shieldmaiden - Dyagathima Evenbeard
  63. Silver-Scaled Cleric Disciple - Kethyraxana of Bahamut
  64. Skeletal Dog - Dur Drannor
  65. Skeleton - Vermithor Alhadlaiir
  66. Skyblade Kobold - Steekin the Sly
  67. Snowy Fawn - Anarriima Yenearsira
  68. Sprite - Terrestrial
  69. Storm Rider - Lady Diana'li Ilyturials
  70. Swashbuckler - Tylarsha Rivenbourne
  71. Sylph - Loreaganolaliastra
  72. Tomb Spider - Orbiculariae
  73. Traveling Entertainer - House Dae'Vesh Jester
  74. Vicious Dire Wolf - Dur Drannor
  75. Wandering Scarecrow - Ward
  76. Walter - Walter
  77. War Dog - Spencer
  78. Water Archon - Aquantikar of Istishia
  79. Wayward Wizard - Ryaxar Dae'Vesh
  80. Wererat Thief - Lloria Mystpaw
  81. Wild Hunt Rider - Orvago of Chauntea
  82. Will-O'-Wisp - Zephyrous
  83. Young Yeti - Zoar
  84. Zhentarim Warlock - Gromiira of Zhentil Keep
  1. Abjuration - Cockatrice
  2. Akasharan - Moonshae Druid
  3. Alyisha of Sune - Priestess of Sune
  4. Amandil Yenearsira - Fawn of Shiallia
  5. Anarriima Yenearsira - Snowy Fawn
  6. Ambrosia - Pheora
  7. Aquantikar of Istishia - Water Archon
  8. Arakhor'kerym'kiira - Dancing Blade
  9. Arda'rosa - Pig
  10. Beloric of Daggerdale - Con Artist
  11. Beuroan of Shadowdale - Harper Bard
  12. Byrnarl of Elturgard - Archmage's Apprentice
  13. Cantra - Frost Mimic
  14. Cantrebar the Alchemist - Alchemist Experimenter
  15. Caraxar the Righteous - Dedicated Squire
  16. Cleric of Ilmater - Apprentice Healer
  17. Dar - Blink Dog
  18. Darkeyes - Fey Panther
  19. Delishana of Milil - Lillend
  20. Doyle Greenharp - Minstrel
  21. Draekk - Quasit
  22. Drakent of Grumbar - Earth Archon
  23. Druthim Evenbeard - Dwarven Battlerager
  24. Dur Drannor - Skeletal Dog
  25. Dur Drannor - Vicious Dire Wolf
  26. Durgaren Frostforge - Black Ice Prospector
  27. Dweomerguard Ahryndar - Man at Arms
  28. Dweomerkeeper Nyrelia - Cleric Disciple
  29. Dweomerknight Ahryndar - Helmite Paladin Ghost
  30. Dweomershard - Ioun Stone of Allure
  31. Dweomershard - Ioun Stone of Radiance
  32. Dyagathima Evenbeard - Shieldmaiden
  33. Erogard of Mystra - Battlefield Medic
  34. Feleura the Feywarden - Redcap Powrie
  35. Fielamyran the Irascible - Cantankerous Mage
  36. Gooy Goblin - Green Slime
  37. Gromiira of Zhentil Keep - Zhentarim Warlock
  38. House Dae'Vesh Jester - Traveling Entertainer
  39. Heirogalar of Akadi - Air Archon
  40. Icevolt - Rimfire Golem
  41. Illusion - Owl
  42. Ilshratylaern the Mazen - Grazilaxx
  43. Iryavash of Myth Drannor - Sellsword
  44. Kethyraxana of Bahamut - Silver-Scaled Cleric Disciple
  45. Keymaker of Gond - Mini Apparatus of Gond
  46. Lady Diana'li Ilyturials - Storm Rider
  47. Larzoul the Foul - Death Slaad
  48. Leruicar Dae'Vesh - Mercenary
  49. Lloria Mystpaw - Wererat Thief
  50. Loreaganolaliastra - Sylph
  51. Lur Drannor - Armored Orc Wolf
  52. Majarly of Mystra - Faithful Initiate
  53. Mistenhaipeerdinacles - Pseudodragon
  54. Mistress Evokana - Erinyes of Belial
  55. Mysté - Panther
  56. Novaflare - Flame Sprite
  57. Novafrost - Ice Sprite
  58. Nymathia Neirdre - Neverember Guard Archer
  59. Old Zeb's Apprentice - Renegade Evoker
  60. Orbiculariae - Tomb Spider
  61. Orvago of Chauntea - Wild Hunt Rider
  62. Perpetual - Hunting Hawk
  63. Rasstaliik - Lizardfolk Shaman
  64. Rubelina Firehair - Rebel Mercenary
  65. Ryaxar Dae'Vesh - Wayward Wizard
  66. Ser Aleandor - Neverember Guard
  67. Skymage Herathikkatar - Cultist of Air
  68. Smedeley - Damaran Shepherd
  69. Spencer - War Dog
  70. Steekin the Sly - Skyblade Kobold
  71. Servant of Mystery - Angel of Protection
  72. Snuggles - Bear Cub
  73. Tarmil of Nethentir - Renegade Illusionist
  74. Terrestrial - Sprite
  75. Tylarsha Rivenbourne - Swashbuckler
  76. Verathiakar of Azuth - Mystagogue
  77. Vermithor Alhadlaiir - Skeleton
  78. Vydiirana of Kelemvor - Acolyte of Kelemvor
  79. Walter - Walter
  80. Wandering - Rust Monster
  81. Ward - Wandering Scarecrow
  82. Windsor - Dog
  83. Zephyrous - Will-O'-Wisp
  84. Zoar - Young Yeti

Companon Color Legend: *
White = Common Quality (Rank 20)
Green = Uncommon Quality (Rank 25)
Blue = Rare Quality (Rank 30)
Purple = Epic Quality (Rank 35)
Orange = Legendary Quality (Rank 40)
* Companions listed at current upgraded quality.

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