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Zek 'Elf-ear' Teldir

Zek 'Elf-ear' Teldir

     Zek 'Elf-ear' Teldir is not your average half-orc. Born by a sun elven mother and a half-orc/human father, Zek has always felt an outcast among any of his kind, orcish, elven, and human. He has recently left his mother's homeland of the the Elven Court of Myth Drannor near the Dalelands and has taken up residence in Neverwinter.

Character Background

Full Name: Zek Teldir
In-Game Name: Zek 'Elf-ear' Teldir@zebular
Title: Journeyman Leatherwoker
Alias(es): "Zek" and "Elf-ear"
Homeland: Myth Drannor
Current Residence: Nevewerwinter City.
Relatives: Nymtharina Teldir (mother, deceased) and Zorbek the Pale (father, unknown).
Patron Diety: Tymora.
Class: Master Infiltrator (Trickster Rogue)
Date of Birth: 1452 DR.

Character Appearance

Race: Half-Elf (Sun) / Half-Orc (Human)
Gender: Male
Hair Style: Long, Straight
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Eyes: Golden Irises
Skin Tone: Pale Peach
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Body: Tall, Strong

Character Biography

     During an orcish raid upon the outlying settlements surrounding Myth Drannor, a Sun Elven maiden by the name of Nymtharina Teldir was captured and taken back to the orc's camp. During the first month of her imprisonment, she was tortured and forced to cook and feed the orcish raiders as they continued to pillage the elven settlements. Eventually, a new half-orc recruit joined the raider's ranks. The orc called him Zorbek the Pale, as he was handsome by orc-standards, having human-like skin rather than orcish. As time went on, the only one in the camp to treat Nymtharina kindly was Zorbek and over time, the two formed a secret love affair. When she became pregnant, Zorbek knew his child, Nymtharina and most likely himself would be slain for such a coupling.

     Late one night, under a New Moon, Zorbek spirited away his beloved Nymtharina and returned her to home in Myth Drannor. Allowed to live for the returning of a prominent elven maiden, Zorbek was still banished from Myth Drannor because of his orcish blood. Grieving the separation of her half-orcish lover, Nymtharina secluded herself from social life while she kept her pregnancy a secret. Eventually, her Uncle the Patron of House Teldir found out about her pregancy and was lead to assume it was by an unknown elven suitor. Allowed to carry the child to term, she fell into discrace by her Uncle when she gave birth to a Half-Orc/Half-Sun Elven baby boy. The child was hidden away in the Teldir Tower for many years until he came of age along with his mother, who named him "Zek," short for his father's name.

     By that time, word had grown and rumors spread of the "half-orc" child of the Teldir House and late one night, a band of trouble-some young moon-elves snuck into the Tower with the intent to prove the rumors true but in their panic, they killed Nymtharina and severly wounded Zek. With the rumors found true, the Coronal of Myth Drannor pardoned Zek for his half-orc heritage for the wrongful death of his Mother and was allowed to enter into the social life of the Elven City. Regardless of the Coronal's pardonship, Zek was treated with mistrust and violence by many of the younger generations living within the City. This lead him to leave Myth Drannor in search of a new home. Along his journeys, he happened upon a half-orc encampment within the Dragon Coast and even though he was accepted into the fold of other half-orcs, he was still treated unkindly because of his elven heritage and "elven ears," earning him the nickname of "Elf-ear." Tiring of constant persecution, he left the encampment not but a year later and traveled to Neverwinter where he wouldn't be seen as an outcast, even though he still is at times, just not by the blade of an axe or elven spell.

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